To meet the needs of business , GUANGZHOU SOYI ENGINEERING MACHINERY SEALING CO., LTD, was set up in 2012 as the Marketing Company.  We have a professional and high efficiency team with impeccable management system and after-sales service process, and offer high quality products and first-class service for our customers on the basis of good faith.  WTA" and "SOYI" have been established as the main brands, upgrading and integrating their brand image, establishing a unified VI image and further enhancing brand value.

GUANGZHOU SOYI ENGINEERING MACHINERY CO, LTD asutati aastal 2012, spetsialiseerunud tootma silindripea tihendit, kapitaalremondi remondikomplekte ja teisi auto täppisosasid. Alates asutamisest, Meie firma eesmärk on alati järgida parima kvaliteediga tooteid ja ületada klientide ootusi.